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Phone: +46 (0) 295 – 20560

Phone hours are 9-15 CET (Central European Time), unless you have previously booked phone-support at a specific time. For urgent matters, on other hours, please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

User instructions

Computer Shut-down

Please notice that we do not service computers, only the cake-printers and the printing-software. For computer support we advice you to call a local PC-technician.

Software Functions?

You can either read the manuals which came with the printer or you can call us for short instructions. Do you feel that your memory needs to be freshened up on more than one function, or do you have new personnel which has to be taught how to operate the printing-system? If so, we recommend that you order a seminar with a total run-through of the system and necessary functions. This can be done on location or through the PC-remote program Teamviewer.

Download TeamViewer Full version

Download TeamViewer

Change and Clean Bushings

1. Open the top cover/lid.
2. Remove the cover of the printer carriage by using a flat-tip screwdriver and gently pushing in the lathes on each side (see illustration below).

3. Gently remove the shiny metal-clips on each side by clicking them off up and to the side.
4. Use a flat-tip screwdriver to push up the latch which holds the Carriage Bushings in place (see illustration below).
5. Pull the Bushings out of the Carriage Assembly.

6. Orient the new Bushings, if need replacement, so that the metal tabs on the top of the Bushings goes in to the Carriage Assembly first (see illustration below).
7. Push the Bushings until they snap into place.

WARNING! Never lubricate the metal-bar or the bushings.