We are Pictures on Cakes

Welcome to Piece of Cake – an international company that develops, manufactures and sells professional cake printers for bakeries and cake shops. Our printers can print high-resolution images or photos directly on regular marzipan, sugar paste and icing. This makes us a world leader in professional food printing in the bakery industry.

There is no need to pre-treat the marzipan in any way and there is no need to fiddle with rice paper or any other material that is not normally found in your bakery.

We believe that baking requires two things above all else – quality ingredients and quality tools. You cannot compromise on either. So for us it is important to always deliver products of the highest quality and to continually strive to improve them.

We got an idea

In 2000, Gunnar Laag and Lars Keiser got a patent on their method with a new type of color printer that could press the color directly on the food. The brand was Piece of Cake, and today our printers are worldwide.
The latest version is called PoC M600 +. Just like its predecessor, you can press the number or length of photos / illustrations / texts anywhere, now in a width of up to 61cm throughout.
The resolution is superb 600dpi, creating razor sharp images. At about 600 dpi is the limit of what marzipan or sugar paste allows for the visual experience to be optimal.
Welcome to us for increased profitability in your pastry.

Svante Svensson
CEO Pictures on Cakes Sweden AB