How our printers work

With Piece of Cake's cake printers, you can print everything from logos to illustrations and photographs, and you can create cakes using all the colours of the rainbow in any shape you like.

You download your customer’s digitised motif, which you receive by e-mail or on a CD for example, or scan the image yourself. Printing a motif is easy, you simply follow these steps:

Roll out

Roll out your marzipan, sugarpaste or icing to 2,5 mm thickness and place it in the printer.


A couple of minutes later, you have a printed motif of the highest quality directly on the material.Roll out, press


Finish off by using the marzipan to cover the cake just as you normally would. The process delivers the same high-quality results using white chocolate and sugar paste. The cake can then be decorated with a name, date or whatever else.

Produce personal motifs

Let your customers produce personal motifs – or design your own and add them to your range. Call or e-mail us for a quote or if you have any other questions about our products.